Friday 31 December 2010

2010 Ends

Thank goodness for that, it isn't often that I have that response at the end of a year, however, 2010 has been for the most part filled with sadness. This was the year I lost two of my best friends, Jewels and her daughter Gussy, I knew it was coming, I was pretty sure it would play out as it did....doesn't make it any easier. So here is to hoping for a positive 2011 full of times spent with our loved ones be they human or canine. Happy New Year everyone, bring on 2011!

Thursday 30 December 2010

A clean shave

For those that wonder what a Standard Schnauzer would look like if shaved of it's distinctive beard & brow. I found this to be an interesting exercise as so much of the actual dog is hidden by coat, this is something I always wanted to do. Hope, who will be 10 years old in March shows us what a beauty she is. I also love to see her eyes and expression, and her striking colouration. Don't worry I am not going to lose my mind and shave all the schnauzers, though the benefit of no grooming is tempting at times.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Mersey Profile

I thought I would photograph some of the different dogs in our lives over the next few weeks. I don't update my actual website nearly as often as I should and some of the dog's photos haven't changed for some time. This is Mersey, she is the only girl I own sired by Cutter. She is a bit goofy and Mick calls her Fozzy Bear, see photo below with her showing her classic Fozzy expression. Mersey is super affectionate, loves to have her back scratched and will contort herself to accommodate rump scritches :-)) She loves balls and is a natural retriever. I love Mersey's nose, isn't it fantastic, huge and rubbery. Mersey has never had any formal obedience training, but even so over the years she has acquired the best 'sit pretty' for treats routine and is a perfect off leash companion. She is fairly mellow for a standard schnauzer, though very animated when she plays, very entertaining to watch as she will toss her toy and pounce like a cat. She drops balls down stairs, or off the sofa, pounces, returns to her perch and does the routine all over again. She has illusions of grandeur and fancies herself as one of the top dogs at Dinsdale, however she really isn't a natural leader which can annoy the more dominant girls in the house, for that reason she and Fiddle don't mix very well...OK that is an understatement, they would like nothing more then to 'mix it up' if given the chance. She is soft tempered and wants very much to please me getting flustered if she can't figure out what I want, Mersey thrives on praise and positive handling. I would love to hear more from folks that have a Mersey pup to know if theirs is anything like Mom Mersey in personality.

Lunar Eclipse and Happy First Day of Winter

Did ya see it? I did, hadn't planned to get up, but when I found myself awake at close to 3am I snuck downstairs to have a peek out the window. Pretty impressive, not taken myself the photo above is what I was lucky enough to see, amazing! This was the first time a total lunar eclipse has occurred on the winter solstice since 1638. If you missed it this time, don't worry their will be another eclipse on the winter solstice in 2094.

Monday 20 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Cutter and all the Schnauzers at Dinsdale wish everyone a wonderful Christmas....Fiddle on the other hand has her own take on Christmas. Gotta love a gal with attitude.

Sunday 19 December 2010

What guys do

The boys, in the aptly named Lazy-boy chair watching British league football, soccer to most North Americans.

Thursday 16 December 2010


Some pups you immediately connect with, there is no doubt when it happens. Others it takes some time for them to feel right, Hickstead is one of those pups. I have been wanting a Black male for the longest time, since before I imported Monty, but just haven't found him yet. On paper Hickstead is the male I need, so I kept him. But, if I am being honest I didn't know if I wanted to keep Hickstead. I have had such an exhausting year, the big litters this Fall were killer, Chase and Olive were pretty much house-trained and the thought of doing that again...well lets say it wasn't appealing. Enter Hickstead, poor boy, I have been totally indifferent to him. I suppose the stress of Jewels getting progressively weaker didn't help to endear him to me. This week I have been spending more time with 'the boy' getting to know him, surprisingly I rather like him, go figure. He is laid-back, does silly boy antics, I was surprised to find out he loves to be cuddled, he doesn't ask, but if you pick him up he snuggles in and is happy to stay until I have had enough, then off he goes to amuse himself. He settles immediately in his crate, in the morning he wakes up slowly with several yawns and a big stretch before coming out of the crate. He loves his food, loves 'his' girls and now that I am spending time with him he seems to love me too. Will Hickstead be the black male I was looking for? Not sure, but chances are definitely improving.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

olive and....the boy

Tuesday 14 December 2010

A Diamond in the Ruff

My Jewels
Jewels has been the top dog in our house for many years, even as a pup I could sense that she was serious about being taken seriously. Extremely dedicated to me, I have no doubt that she would take a piece out of the backside of anyone that tried to do me wrong. Jewels would never gush over you, her love, loyalty and devotion was there in the quiet way she moved through the house with me, would faithful lay outside the door I last went out and on my return would greet me with a bark, a quiet wag, and of course a dirty look as if to admonish me for having left with out her. She was rarely physically demonstrative, a gentle stroke or ear rub was all she wanted. She loved only two people her entire life myself and Mick, she didn't want nor need any other person, that was just Jewels, it didn't bother her but frustrated many visitors I am sure. Jewels was very maternal to daughter Gussy her entire life, their mother/daughter bond was strong and it wasn't unusual to see Gussy lying contentedly while momma Jewels would groom her. They were a formidable team and would always back each other up. I often wondered how she missed Gussy after she passed away this summer. With pups she had a soft spot and seemed to know the secret in how to discipline to gain respect yet not destroy their trust in her. Oh and Jewels was a terrible flirt with the boys, she sure loved her Toy Boys :-)) In her later years she loved to go for a car ride especially if a Tim Horton drive-thru was involved, Tim-Bits were a big hit with Jewels. As a special treat when there were no other cars on the road I would slow right down, lower the window and let her lean far out catching all the interesting scents on the wind. She grew old with grace and was the only dog that didn't look silly in a shaggy coat, she just looked regal and majestic. As her eyes clouded with age she became extremely attached to my physical presence and refused to sleep anywhere but in my bedroom. Never on the bed, but the floor at the foot of the bed, that was her choice, I would of made room for Jewels. As her legs became sore with age she would slowly make the trip up the stairs each night, the last few months she would 'allow' us to carry her up every now and then. When she was diagnosed with congestive heart disease last year Mick and I decided to spoil her as long as we could, our weekend breakfasts always included extra rations for Jewels, bugger the worries about fat and salt, if Jewels enjoyed a couple sausages or a piece of bacon we were fine with that. For some reason the last couple of months she became obsessed with Mick's evening cup of tea & cookies , it was hilarious to see this old girl beg for a bit of cookie. It was finally her loss of appetite that told me it was time. Jewels was far from perfect, she barked a lot, quarreled way too much with some of my other females, refused to participate in dog shows, disliked my family and friends, was the most stubborn schnauzer I have ever had always having to have the last word. In her senior years she could best be described as a grumpy old curmudgeon. But she was our curmudgeon and I am going to miss her company at bedtime, breakfast time, or when apologizing to visitors about the grumpy schnauzer. Jewels has been a huge presence in our home and our lives for almost 15 years. How I am going to miss that dog!
Dinsdale Diamonds are Forever 'Jewels' May 1996-December 2010

Sunday 12 December 2010

Tis the Season

Wouldn't be Christmas without Elf Yourself, enjoy as Daisy, Edee, Beamish, Hexe and Fiddle spread some cheer. If you want to watch more then once you have to hit the refresh button on your browser. But why not Elf know you want too :-))

Friday 10 December 2010

Chase in her new home

Last week I finally decided to find a new home for Chase :-( I was so sad to let her go, she is one of my favorite pups ever. I couldn't deny the fact any longer that Chase was going to grow to be a beautiful Amazon sized Schnauzer. Combine that with having pups Olive & Hickstead and I had decided that if the perfect home came along I would let my big girl go. Enter Glenda & family that own Clover's Brother Finn. They had been contemplating a second schnauzer and I offered them Chase. She left last week and a couple days later Glenda shared these photos of Chase and her new big brother Finn in her new home. I love the one below of her flying through the air at Finn. I look forward to future updates on Finn & Chase.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Olive the time....

Well I wish Olive would sleep all of the time, she has me worn out.

Monday 6 December 2010

"I has da bone"

"And everyone else WANTS da bone" The new favorite chew toy in the house is meant for Hickstead and Olive, but the older dogs keep stealing it from them. It is one of those Gummy Nylabones which lasts about 10 minutes in the jaws of an adult Standard Schnauzer.

Sunday 5 December 2010


Saturday 4 December 2010

Little boy dogs

A comment was made on the blog about there being a reason female dogs are called bitches, which I totally agree with. They are also bright, manipulative and sensitive. On the other hand, the boys are....well....ahem....not the brightest of creatures in comparison to their female siblings. Although people will argue their boy is an exception, Hickstead is not. He is sweet and affectionate but seems he can barely think and breath at the same time. The important things in his life are currently driven by his stomach and that part of his anatomy ( a little lower then his tummy) that gets him into trouble over and over again. In his favour he is very stubborn, determined and seems his memory is short, corrections from the females do little to douse his ardent flame of desire for the older girls. I am sure eventually it will be drilled into his little testosterone driven being that there is a time and a place for his affections, but I cannot help but laugh at his folly along the way.

Friday 3 December 2010

More silly laughs

It's all about the timing. Hickstead, being a total butt headed boy pup tries to hump the girls, he is corrected by both myself and the schnauzers girls for behaving like an ass, but Daisy delivers the best correction of all. This just made me laugh so hard. Have a great weekend.

Thursday 2 December 2010


Clover and little sister Olive occupying the chair for an afternoon snooze. These two are Fiddle daughters, different sires, but they share so much of their mom. Clover is a little higher energy, and Olive perhaps a more naturally dominant schnauzer. But oh my goodness do the adult dogs LOVE Olive, she is tenacious and plucky which means she is the favorite playmate. Now poor Hickstead would disagree, Olive loves to drag him about by the ear, which usually ends with Hickstead wailing, and the more he screams the more Olive clamps down until I call her off him, what a witch she is.
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