Wednesday 30 January 2008

Wicked Weather

We get such a diverse range of weather in Southern Ontario, 8 inch of snow one day, followed by mild and rainy, today 100km per hour winds and snow! The dogs and I are inside hoping the stormy weather passes without bringing a tree down on the house.
It doesn't seem to stop the little red squirrels from raiding the bird feeders and providing the dogs with entertainment.

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Doesn't get much better then this

For Juno nothing beats retrieving a Frisbee, throw in some snow & you have one happy schnauzer.
We have had some crazy cold temperatures over the weekend and everyone is feeling housebound and frustrated. Time to blow off some energy...Juno style.


Another perfect fetch

Pick it up...pickituppickituppickitup!!!Puleeese Pick it Up!

Friday 18 January 2008

Window Gazing

We call this Fiddle's winter enrichment program. We placed bird feeders outside this window last Autumn. Mick remarked that this small addition has greatly enriched the dogs lives, especially Fiddle who loves to spend hours observing the birds come and go. Of course the highlight are the visiting red squirrels, last fall the chipmunks were a huge hit.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Snow beautiful snow!

After two weeks of dreary rain and above average temps, finally we have snow again. I love to watch schnauzers in fresh snow, they attack it with total joyful abandon. It is easy to complain about the cold and all the extra work that snow brings with it, however, on a morning like this, I prefer my dogs take on snow.

Saturday 12 January 2008

Saturday morning snooze

With my first dog I made the choice that she was allowed on the furniture, all my dogs since have been allowed. In the winter when the floor is cold it is about impossible to find a free spot to sit without asking a schnauzer to move, this request is followed by a very dirty schnauzer glance as they make room. The one exception to our furniture privileges is with pups, until they have proven they are house-trained we do not allow them a comfy spot on the furniture, one must have some rules.
The recliner is a favorite spot for both humans and canines, Gussy is perched up here this morning watching me work on the computer.

Tuesday 8 January 2008

No snow in Neji's new home

Meet Neji a pup from my recent litter sired by Humphrey, mom is Mersey. Neji will soon be leaving us for Texas. I couldn't find a suitable flight to send him south of the border so his new owner arranged to fly up to Toronto and take his new boy home with him. I am pleased by how many new owners opt to do this, over the years I have had folks fly to us from Oregon, Seattle, Vancouver, Alberta, Nova Scotia, California, New Bruinswick even Mexico to meet us and take their pup home with them.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Daisy is our very first photo blog entry

Finally it looks like I can stop taping Daisy's ears. I was getting a bit worried, it doesn't usually take me 6 months to get ears up. Here she is reclining in the sunlight on the stairs. Such a pretty little lady.
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