Tuesday 23 September 2008

...and now for something completely different

Modeling her pretty new collar Dinsdale's newest addition my new Toy Manchester Terrier and just about the cutest thing around...well at least until Fiddle's pups arrive :-) She hasn't a name yet, I am kicking around a few, one of my favorites is Token, as she is obviously going to be our only Manchester for some time. I had liked Lola, but after meeting her, not sure she is a Lola. I hope to eventually train her for agility and she is certainly quick, she can go from a stand still to too fast to photograph in seconds. She arrived very late last night and these are photos taken of her exploring the place this morning. Future Agility Star posing next to the agility tire BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!!!

Monday 22 September 2008

Almost a BIG girl now

It's been awhile since I posted a photo of Edee, she has just turned 16 weeks old and is growing quickly. So fast that I am hoping she starts to slow down, I don't want her being too big a girl. She is mostly house-trained and thankfully we are well past the need to pee every 20 minute stage of growth, whew! Any accidents that happen now are when I am busy on the computer and have forgotten she is out and about, which makes those my accidents in reality. She has been a really super pup, not very demanding, quick to pick up on training, the adult dogs adore her and she loves to wrestle and play. Her favorite playmates are sisters Flute & Daisy, though I think from the intense play her favorite has got to be Flute who never seems to tire of playing with Edee. Caught napping, got to charge those puppy batteries. Life is soon to change for Edee with the coming arrival of Fiddles pups and another little visitor coming tonight, more on that later this week....all this has me busy preparing for all the coming excitement.

Thursday 18 September 2008

Our new doggie toy

The agility club where we train was selling off some old tunnels, I picked up this one last week and Juno was thrilled to see it end up in our training yard. You have no idea how long it took me to get a photo of her in the tunnel. Juno is starting to work away from me, but this was all a little weird for her. Even though I would leave her sat 2 inches from the tunnel opening while I went to the other end with the camera, I was surprised at how many times she would nip out around it run to me and then run in the opening nearest me... giving me lots of butt shots of Juno in the tunnel. Guess we have some distance exercises to work on.

Monday 15 September 2008

Why so sad Fiddle?

We are pretty sure Fiddle is pregnant. It is only about 3.5 weeks since she was bred, a little too early to confirm by ultrasound or to be showing any real physical signs, but there are other indicators. Some girls become a little moody, not quite themselves, some are more clingy and crave attention, others seem depressed and lethargic...that is how Fiddle has been. She also has lost her appetite, she runs into her crate for dinner, but once presented with a dish of kibble she turns her nose up. I usually add something special to all their dinners, a spoonful of yogurt, a can of sardines split up among them all, their favorite...canned green tripe, Fiddle licks her kibble clean of anything added, but has no interest in the actual kibble. Due date is mid-October, dad-to-be is our resident stud-muffin Humphrey.

Thursday 4 September 2008

Look who is home

Flute has been residing the last few months in Nova Scotia with her co-owner/co-breeder. I kept both Flute and her sister Daisy from Breeze's last litter, however, I felt neither girl was getting the one on one they deserved. Flute flew out to the east coast where she could get more socializing leaving me to concentrate on sister Daisy. Flute came back to Ontario the other weekend during our National Specialty and is now back at Dinsdale, all grown up and just as naughty as ever. I was a bit worried about the sisters reunion as sisters are notorious for not liking each other. So far everything has gone well and Flute, as the photo shows, has settled in just fine.

Monday 1 September 2008

Last Days of Summer

The Cobourg Harbour had undergone a lot of changes over the past 5 years. There has been a major development of parks, boardwalks, beachfront, harbour and housing. I always enjoy taking the dogs down there for morning walks it's a great opportunity to socialize pups to a variety of people, strollers, walkers, children and other dogs in a nice controlled and very beautiful environment. Edee is mesmerized by the water, boats and assortment of cormorants and ducks. In the distance the Cobourg lighthouse marks the way for boaters through the channel to the safety of the harbour. This was her first big adventure away from the house, she seemed to really enjoy all the activity. Daisy poses on the boardwalk for some photos. The harbour is buzzing with activity and will continue for the next couple of weeks. Most of the boats will leave the harbour towards the end of September. This morning the water was like glass, a beautiful still blue realm.
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