Friday 30 December 2011

New Beginnings

This past year had been a time to regroup, to think about the direction of my life, to simplify, to say goodbye to portions of my life that were dragging me down, not lifting me up.  I went into a bit of a hibernation, gathered what was important to me, said no to the things that didn't make me feel good.  I am changing the direction of the journey, moving on.
I am thankful for 2011, for the chance to reevaluate and nourish myself, I am excited and hopeful for what 2012 has to offer, a new year, a new start. The world is always changing and reinventing you feel it?  Are you open to it?


Thursday 29 December 2011


We love the wood stove, couldn't be happier to have it in our home.  If we throw a couple of good sized logs on before bedtime there is a nice bed of embers ready to spark up a new fire in the morning.  Which is exactly what I did on this very frigid AM.
My guys have always worshiped the heat provided by our space heaters, they quickly discovered the beautiful warmth of the wood stove.  I have a steamer on top of the stove that I fill with water to add humidity to our dry winter air.  Yesterday Mick commented on the lack of static electricity this year, seems the steamer and the limited use of the forced air oil furnace is the reason, much to the relief of my dogs, nothing worse then coming for a cuddle and getting a static electricity shock from your owner.

Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas to All

And to all a good night.
See everyone in the New Year.

Wednesday 14 December 2011

What tha???

Get that big red dude outta here!!!!!!!!
Regardless of what everyone said about Santa Claus, Olive knew there was just something weird and not be be trusted about an old fat dude, sporting a fake beard, a red elf suit and trying to get her to sit on his lap......

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Searching for photos of Christmas Elves

Tidus and Santa
I am starting to receive Christmas photos from owners.  You all know how I love funny, silly, cute, hilarious photos of Schnauzers.  If you have one of our Standard Schnauzers do share your Christmas photos and I will continue to add to our list of Christmas elves.
Heck, even if you have a Standard Schnauzer from another breeder send it in and we will get it up on the Blog.  Ho ho ho  don't you feel the Schnauzer Woe :-)

Pecos & Poppy sporting festive antlers

 Doc & Suede

 Lenny and his girls

Dexter's Visit with Santa

Charlie looking like a Christmas Angel
Molly under the Christmas tree
Quito poses with festive winter friends
 Quito again as the reluctant Elf
Poppy, Quito's sister and just as reluctant
The dapper Finn
East Coast Elves Jessie & Raven
Jazz and Guinness
Kodie smiles for the camera

Sunday 11 December 2011

A woody trail

This morning we set off to a Provincial Park that is about 20 minutes from us.  It is crazy busy in the summer and we go out of our way to avoid it, but Fall & Winter is fantastic.  Mostly we ran into others enjoying the breezy frosty morning with their dogs.

Mick poses with Mersey and Beamish

"Put the camera down and hurry up before we lose them"

"Follow ME! said the wood-sprite"
The Lighthouse looked gorgeous this morning

Thursday 8 December 2011

Canada and our winters

Rantings from one of my favorite Canadians, Rick Mercer. Ya gotta laugh eh?

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Oh my, can schnauzers even compete with this?

The cutest Holiday video ever! Below, how they created the magic.

Cross that off my to-do list

Twenty-six individual doggie 'bunny' dinners done!

If you check in on my blog occasionally you may have seen my postings about the addition of rabbits to help supplement the dogs diet.  Really pleased with the results, its wonderful to know that I am supplementing my dogs with well raised fresh meats. 

 The occasional rabbit has also made it to our dinner table, yes it's true, once you get over the whole fluffy bunny thing, healthy garden fresh rabbit makes an amazing dinner.

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