Wednesday 25 June 2008

Schnauzer Art

Jewels poses with her artwork (below is a better photo of the original work) This lovely multi-media piece was completed by artist Claudine Sleik. You can see more of Claudine's beautiful pieces on her website called
Laughing Dingo Studios

Jewels was her first Schnauzer piece and I think she did a super job.

Below is the photo that we sent to Claudine to work from

Thursday 19 June 2008

Juno in training

Juno and I have been agility training for some time. Things drastically improved when we switched our training to our current instructors. She is no longer a Velcro dog and is working with focus and drive at a distance. The one thing we (read 'I') have always had a mental block in training is the weave poles. We have started a new method of training with what they call 2X2's and I am hopeful that we will eventually have a nice weave.
This photo was taken today after a training session in the yard, note the 'happy' tongue.

Sunday 15 June 2008

Dog Show Weekend

This weekend we headed off to a local dog show, Saturday was terribly hot. I had Fiddle entered and we didn't do much of anything...second from the end if the truth be told :-( Oh well some dog days are like that. Sunday our ring time was much earlier and the weather much more pleasant for showing dogs. Fiddle wasn't entered today... instead I took puppy Daisy. It was her very first show and I was a little apprehensive about how she would do, I wanted her to have a positive experience. Well the little monkey had a wonderful time, she didn't waver during the judges examination and strutted her little puppy butt around the ring winning Best of Breed and her first two points, I was thrilled. After Breed she had to compete in both the Adult and the Puppy Groups. She was a little trooper and did me proud, barely batting an eye at the assortment of unusual breeds of dogs she was in the ring with. The photo above of Daisy was taken while waiting for our ring time. Below are photos of Fergie and Hilde also waiting for the show to get going.

Fergie watching for her owner

Fergie did well on Saturday winning Reserve Winners Bitch.

Hilde getting ready for the ring

What a pretty black silhouette of Hilde. The judge Sunday loved Hilde and told me afterwards that she was his pick out of the three girls in the open class, unfortunately Patti asked me to show Hilde and poor Hilde was a little overwhelmed by the handler change and decided she wanted no part of the judge. He tried a few times to change her mind but she definitely was not a happy camper and the judge just couldn't award her a first in her class. I think next show mummy Patti is going to have to show her own dog :-)

Puppy Daisy in the Group ring

These photos of Daisy in the Group ring are courtesy of Nichol, who is Fergie's owner.
Thanks Nichol for capturing Daisy's first show!

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