Thursday 31 January 2013

two boys, two colours

Standard Schnauzers come in two colours, Pepper & Salt and Black.  We have a boy of each colour in Hexe's new litter.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Our New Year babies

Five beautiful pups born on Sunday.  There are more photos on our Nursery Blog here. 

Saturday 26 January 2013

January 2013

Friday 25 January 2013

5 months from now

This photo was taken last summer on June 26th.  Hard to imagine with the sub-zero winter temps of the last few days that pea tendrils will be reaching up to the sky in a few months.  Bring it on!

Wednesday 23 January 2013


The outside temp this morning is -23 Celsius, let's see, that's.....-9 Fahrenheit.  Coldest evening/morning this year.  I bundled up and Cyrus and I hurried out to let the chickens out and to make sure they and the rabbits were OK.
The only casualty of the sub zero temps was this egg.
I was going to discard, but decided to peel, how beautiful.
I removed the rest of the shell exposing the luminous, icy egg inside, it promptly slipped from my fingers ending up as a schnauzer snack.  Apparently egg-sickles are delicious.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

The big guns

Finally had to delve into the back of the closet and pull out my Sorel boots.  Yesterday I was out working with a pair of hiking boots on, my toes were a little pissed with me when I finally got back in the house.  These babies keep all my little piggies super warm and dry.
This week is a major winter blast for us in South/East Ontario, not complaining, this is really the first 'traditional' winter weather to hit us and we are almost to the end of January. 
I have hayed the rabbits in, but, honestly the cold doesn't seem to phase them.  The chickens, I feel bad for, tonight it is expected to hit minus 20 Celsius, I will be plugging in a little heater to help the ladies stay warm.
Hang in their girls only 56 more days too Spring :-)

Monday 14 January 2013

Chickens are happy

 Honest that is their happy face.  The snow is completely gone and the ladies couldn't be more pleased to be back to scratching in the straw and shavings.  Enjoy it girls, I am sure it won't last too long.
 I just love their downy bottoms!

Sunday 13 January 2013

Waiting for the sun

Photo taken on a sunny day last week, today we have rain, rain and more rain...bleck!  We are in the midst of a major January thaw, wonderful for poop-scooping, not so great for dog exercising.  While I am out in the muddy yard cleaning up, the dogs are inside waiting for the sun to return.

Friday 11 January 2013

A Daisy Zen moment

Can't a gal get a little private time?
"I'm in my happy place, I'm in my happy place, repeat....I'm in my..."

Thursday 10 January 2013

Dark, handsome and (a little) shaggy

My Cyrus is growing up, six months old already.  He is maturing into a lovely young man, couldn't be happier with him.  I still adore that he is all natural, I wish more people in Canada looking for a Schnauzer were open to leaving them completely natural. 

Production high

Our Dinsdale Ladies are still in high gear producing these gorgeous egg offerings daily.  Being the boring month of January I can't seem to stop browsing the poultry catalogues.  Not that I need anymore eggs, it's just that chickens are rather addictive.  I have the room, why not consider a few more girls, I am even contemplating a rooster.  Just one, in the hope that he will not be as inclined to crow in the wee hours without a rival on the property.  I am waiting to hear from my poultry guy with an update on what breeds he will have available this Spring, exciting!

Wednesday 9 January 2013

le sigh....

January, our most boring month of the year......
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