Thursday 31 July 2008

Large. black and full...

....that is what the written breed standard tells us about the Standard Schnauzer nose. It is one of my favorite attributes of the breed, that handsome rubbery nose, always into something and so very photogenic. Here Mersey models the perfect schnauzer nose.

Tuesday 29 July 2008

The Many Faces of Edee

The... Are you talking to me? face

The...I've got very sharp baby teeth and I'm happy to use them face

The...Surely you are not saying I chewed that? face

The....I'm sooo innocent face

And my personal favorite...The...completely tuckered out face.

Wednesday 23 July 2008

Our new little girl

Little Edee poses for her portrait. I took this tonight while being devoured by mosquitoes, they are terrible after over a week of constant rain.
Eden is 7.5 weeks old and is the only girl in a litter of six, I very much wanted a pup from this litter and lucky me, little Edee is one good looking little girl. She is also independent and rather full of herself, I foresee trouble from this little madame.
Her brothers will be heading off to their new homes this weekend as well as her mom Abby who will be leaving us on Sunday with her new family. What an exciting time for our Abby, I am sure she is going to relish all the individual attention she will receive, after really is all about Abby...and least that is what Abby thinks.

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Summer Sights

Question: What has Fiddle gazing so intently?

Even though you cannot see her face there is no disguising that Schnauzer concentration.

Schnauzers are often called stubborn, but are they?

I think perhaps a better description would be FOCUSED AND INTENSE once in that zone it is more then a little difficult to turn off their switch.

Answer: If you look into the distance you will see one of our bird feeders, or, as Fiddle will tell you, our Chipmunk & Squirrel luring station.

Thursday 3 July 2008

Dinsdale visitor

OK I know, it's not dog related, well... sorta...this fellow is on the inside screen of the sliding door by the puppy pen. He must of slipped in last night while I was bringing the pups inside.

Our pups are 4.5 weeks old already, hard to believe how fast they are growing up. Yesterday I moved them downstairs, they were getting a little too noisy at too early an hour to remain in the spare bedroom...Lori needs her sleep to keep up with them all day.
Visit the link to Abby's Nursery Blog on this page to view the newest photos & videos of them.
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