Tuesday 25 August 2009


Whew it's been a crazy couple of weeks, first the arrival of Abby's pups, all went smoothly, however new pups in the house always seems to energize things. Friday, Juno finally decided to give birth, two days later then expected, a bit stressful waiting it out. Again, smooth arrival and seven healthy pups. Last night was the first in two weeks that the moms decided to not get me up...3-4 times during the night, bliss. Once everyone had been out, moms fed, the whole house seemed to s-l-o-w to a wonderful quiet solitude this morning, not a sound. Silence is good.

Sunday 16 August 2009


There is nothing quite like new puppy faces. Abby's pups arrived on Wednesday, to see more photos of the new family click here

Monday 10 August 2009

What kind of dog is that?

No it's not a fabla-doodle-super-schnoodle or what ever the latest mixed breed fad is, this is a Standard Schnauzer in glorious full 'blown' coat. People see the Standard Schnauzer at dog shows or when visiting a breeder in beautiful hand stripped, tidy show coat, many ask me what happens if you just leave the coat to grow in....well this is what happens :-)) Doesn't she look adorable! I will be pulling all this long coat out over the next couple of weeks and will post an after shot up of the same dog. But in the mean time I am enjoying taking lots of photos of her in her marvelous shaggy wiry coat.

Monday 3 August 2009

Two Fat Ladies

...well not really fat, Juno and Abby are both due to deliver within the next two weeks. I set up their nursery blogs so everyone can follow the events. Abby's Nursery Blog Juno's Nursery Blog
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