Thursday 31 December 2009

Happy 2010!

Above our old girl Jewels poses for a photo. Jewels has had a rough year and many of her siblings have passed away in 2009. We are grateful to have her with us to usher in another New Year. Wishing everyone a happy, safe New Year.

Monday 28 December 2009

Schnauzer Lore

If you are researching the Standard Schnauzer you will find statements all over the Internet stating that the standard schnauzer is a breed that does not shed. He he....although it is true they do not have the twice yearly shed out that many breeds do, you will find hair around your house if you own a Standard Schnauzer. They drop their coat ALL the time, it's true, I hate to break this to everyone but hair falls out, your hair does, your dogs hair does, take a look at this chair and see what a houseful of non-shedding schnauzers have left on the surface. Another eye opener, the better the schnauzer coat, as in the more harsh and wiry the MORE it will fall out. Yep, those soft wavy coats that a breeder hates to have in their lines seems to stick to the dogs skin like cement, while the coarse coat just pops off. I found when I owned only one schnauzer there was very little coat in the house, as the numbers increased the tumble weeds of hair started to accumulate at surprising speed. Also of interest, I find the Blacks drop more coat then the Pepper & Salts, not sure why, but when I vacuum around the crates of the blacks, or wash their bedding it is amazing how much more hair is found there. Don't get me wrong, when comparing a Schnauzer to most breeds you will find much less hair, having owned an Australian Shepherd that seemed to have a major shed out daily, our breed is a delight, but if an animal has hair, it will fall out.

Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Last Friday Gussy's face once again swelled as it did in July, this time abscessing and bursting, it was rather spectacular and happened in minutes. Frustrated at this happening again we headed for the vets. He quickly found a broken tooth and we scheduled Gussy for surgery yesterday. Apparently even though the molar was broken the Vet had a heck of a time removing it. The old girl is back on antibiotics & pain killers, according to Gussy the pain killers were not doing her much good last night. We set up the space heater for her and she settled down sore, bruised and exhausted. From Gussy and all of us at Dinsdale we wish you a very Merry Christmas, I know one schnauzer that will get a little extra gravy on her Turkey this year.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Baby it's Cold outside

Why is it whenever I clip one of the dogs down the temperature drops? Poor Gussy, I no sooner gave her a nice trim and baby it got cold outside. Lucky a friend knit two beautiful sweaters for my schnauzers a couple years ago, Gussy didn't put up any fuss as I slipped this one on her. I think she looks wintry and festive in the blue sweater.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Juno - No looking back now

I am happy to say that things have worked out very well for Juno and her new family. It has been about 7weeks and I think Juno has been kept too busy to even miss us. She is actively involved in Agility training with owner Patty and I hear she and Bill will be starting obedience classes together next. Still seems strange not to have her here at times.

Sunday 6 December 2009

Interesting doings on the porch

Love those schnauzer noses and beards Our first Christmas tree in more then 10 years draws the dogs attention. We placed it outside on the front porch for a festive entrance. Plus, it made more sense then having it inside and yelling at the dogs to leave it alone the entire holiday season...outside it managed to fall over on it's own and a not-too-festive-Mick works at tethering it to the porch post.

Thursday 3 December 2009

Token's new fav hangout spot

Token has discovered a new hangout spot, on top of the love seat. Here she can watch me on the computer and survey all the schnauzers around her. Also gets her up off the drafty floor. Below in her Chilly Dog sweater looking ever so sporty

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Christmas Card

I am working on our Dinsdale Christmas Card. Below are my favorite shots so far. I like them both for different reasons. Let me know which says Christmas in Schnauzer style to you. Photo one is of Fiddle, our natural eared beauty Photo two is of Daisy, our new Canadian Champion.
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