Monday 30 November 2009

When ears go bad

A hairy Hazel shows us what can happen with cropped ears. In almost 20 years she is only my second cropped ear that I couldn't get to stand, and believe me I didn't give up easily. She is almost 12 months old now and sadly I admit defeat...that ear will never stand. I have kicked myself numerous times for even cropping her ears, they were beautiful natural ears. I figured it's hard enough showing a Black Standard Schnauzer let alone with natural ears, so, I went ahead and cropped her. Ironically, now I cannot show her at all. Worlds sweetest schnauzer is still sweet and in her own quirky way cute too.

Monday 23 November 2009

Busy at the shows

I haven't done a lot of dog showing this year...actually this weekend is the first show I made it too in 2009. Thursday I packed up the van and headed up Ottawa way with Daisy and Fiddle to the Ottawa Kennel Club show. Along with their regular three days of dog showing fun they host the Purina Show of Shows each year. A gala evening event it is open only to Best In Show winners from the prior year. Owners of Lia, Ch.Dinsdale Champagne Celebration, Line & Michel Champagne made a special trip with their Best in Show girl Lia. Lots of fun the winner of the night was a Kerry Blue Terrier. Photos from today are not the best quality as they were snapped with my cell phone. Daisy snoozing Saturday after a busy day. Daisy took Best of Winners Friday & Saturday completing her Canadian Championship!! Sunday we showed Daisy as a Special and our Little Miss Fiddle took Best of Winners. Fiddle HATES to show, no that is understated Fiddle DESPISES showing and grooming time, suffice it to say if I ever attempt to show Fiddle again I expect she will pack her bags and be looking for a new, sane owner. Here she is back at the hotel dreaming of being anywhere but AT A SHOW!!

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Love Sick

My females are cycling through there seasons and Beamish is now old enough that he needs to be separated from the girls. Solitary yard time isn't going over very well with the little stud muffin.

Thursday 12 November 2009


A reflective moment on this frosty Thursday morning Watching me fill the bird feeders and hoping her breakfast is next.

Tuesday 3 November 2009

Chill in the morning air

I was wondering when Juno left us if Token would find another schnauzer willing to share some body heat. Juno was always happy to let Token cuddle up on cold morning. This morning I caught her snuggling with Daisy in the sunlight. Ten minutes later Mick dropped off this parcel from the post office, it's Token's new Chilly Dog sweaters. What great service ordered it on-line Thursday and it arrived Tuesday morning. Hoping this will cease the shivering the little naked Miss has been doing since Summer left us. I foresee a Great White North outdoor coat and perhaps Ear Muffs making an appearance in Token's Christmas stocking. Love to support our Canadian Companies.

Monday 2 November 2009

A bit more tidy

As promised my shaggy dog Fiddle looking a little less shaggy then when photographed a few weeks back
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