Thursday 28 June 2012

The other oldster

 A couple days ago I posted a new photo of Cutter, this is his sister Hope.  She and Cutter are the 'mature' dogs here, both 11 years this Spring.  I find the breed generally ages amazingly well, you wouldn't know either of these dogs were eleven.  In my experience the cross over age from prime to geriatric is year twelve to thirteen.  This is when you will realize that they are aging, if you don't have any serious health issues at this time then they usually enjoy a good and spritly old age, if health issues start to flare up it may be a sign that they are going to have difficulty in their final years.  I have my fingers crossed for Hope and Cutter who right now are in excellent health.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Bad Hair Day

I am not a freaking Shih Tzu

Tuesday 26 June 2012

The Big Guy

Cutter, 11 years of age and looking great
I loaded a few more photos of Cutter on Facebook

Breathing time

Yesterday was a very bad day, I woke up to sick dogs, wickedly sick dogs, as in, I wanted too close the door and run away from home screaming 'why me?' sorta sick dogs.  I won't paint you too revolting a mental picture, let us say that the day included many dog baths, many crate scrubbings, much washing of bedding, chasing of vomiting dogs outside, driving to town to buy bleach, Pepto-Bismol more paper-towel. By evening the stress had me gulping the Pepto, bugger the dogs.   No idea what is causing this, I had a couple dogs with gastro upset last week, which seemed to pass...until yesterday.  To top it off poor Hexe somehow went lame overnight, how does a dog wake up lame?
This morning I was up shortly after 5am as I didn't want to leave the dogs sleeping in crates any longer.  Thankfully, everyone seems much better today, last night I gave all the dogs some well boiled rice & pumpkin, they kept it down and no messy bottoms this morning.  We will see how the day pans out.
To clear my head I took the camera out with me this morning to capture the garden in the morning light, to breath deeply (while crossing fingers) hoping that whatever hit the dogs has now passed.

I collected about a dozen garden peas first thing this morning, placed them on the kitchen table, grabbed the camera and returned to the garden to photograph.  I was uploading these photos and remembered the peas, but, when I looked at the peas.  Weird, I was sure I placed them there, had a look around and the peas were not to be found.  Apparently the dogs are feeling much better, they ate them, pods and all, no sign that they ever existed.  I am taking this to be a sign that they are feeling MUCH better today.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Fat Bottomed Girls

And chicken legs too

Sunday 17 June 2012

Snoozing squirrels

We have a sudden influx of baby red squirrels.  I can't decide if these guys are really stupid, or, extremely cheeky.  This little guy was sleeping on the porch gate outside my front door this morning.  His siblings spend most of the day in and out of the dog yard....the dogs fly out the door in the hopes of catching one...but haven't had any luck....yet.

Saturday 16 June 2012

Past Blast

An old photo of Monty, a Black Male we imported from Europe a few years ago.  He is Hazel and Amina's sire.

Thursday 14 June 2012

More rural mornings

My apologizes to everyone that comes to the blog for a Schnauzer photo fix, pics of the dogs have been a little thin lately.  That will all turn around next month when we have pups arriving, for now, you will have to indulge me, here are more photos taken this morning around our little farm.
I get such joy watching the chickens emerge, I can hear their gentle clucking within the coop as I unlatch and slide open the door.   First couple of chickens give a cursory look, the first birds step out cautiously, the rest, not wanting to be left behind charge out and race into their yard.
 The rabbits are enjoying the chickens too,  when I am out early to open the chicken coop I wander over to the rabbits and fill their feed bowls, usually I don't do this until after my coffee.  They all clamour to the feed dishes waiting for them to fill. The kits above are about 5 weeks old and are still with mom, this is her first litter, very beautiful kits.  Those below are a litter of almost 8 week old hooligan bunnies, a pushy bunch, I think their mom was thrilled when I moved them out of her cage.
After all the rains my veg garden is lush with growth, we have been enjoying lots of salad this week.
Carrots below are coming along, I was a bit late in getting them in the ground this year.
Climbing roses are into their second year, they are blooming like mad...but what's that?  A lady bug, yikes that can only mean we have aphids, darn!
 When I returned to the house this little chickadee was on the door mat that I hung over the rail to dry.  Looks like he is gathering nesting material.  He was off as soon as he heard my camera.

Sunday 10 June 2012

Ahhh...Sunday mornings

 The chicken run is complete and the ladies venture outside for the first time

Chickens love the morning sunlight

As do morning blooms

Even the garden Buddha seems more mellow in the morning light

Thursday 7 June 2012

It's all going to the dogs

The grass is growing long, the garden needs serious weeding.  I really should contemplate vacuuming up all the schnauzer dust bunnies on the floor along with a hundred other chores, but, sod it!
Right now what I  need to do is grab a couple of dogs and do this....Grass will still be here when I return.

Monday 4 June 2012


Don't know why, but the last couple of weeks Kodie, my first Standard Schnauzer, keeps popping herself into my dreams each night, strange, but lovely.

Do you ever, really....get over missing your first dog?

Friday 1 June 2012

Finally, rain

rain, rose, fly
wild rosebuds

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