Tuesday 26 June 2012

Breathing time

Yesterday was a very bad day, I woke up to sick dogs, wickedly sick dogs, as in, I wanted too close the door and run away from home screaming 'why me?' sorta sick dogs.  I won't paint you too revolting a mental picture, let us say that the day included many dog baths, many crate scrubbings, much washing of bedding, chasing of vomiting dogs outside, driving to town to buy bleach, Pepto-Bismol more paper-towel. By evening the stress had me gulping the Pepto, bugger the dogs.   No idea what is causing this, I had a couple dogs with gastro upset last week, which seemed to pass...until yesterday.  To top it off poor Hexe somehow went lame overnight, how does a dog wake up lame?
This morning I was up shortly after 5am as I didn't want to leave the dogs sleeping in crates any longer.  Thankfully, everyone seems much better today, last night I gave all the dogs some well boiled rice & pumpkin, they kept it down and no messy bottoms this morning.  We will see how the day pans out.
To clear my head I took the camera out with me this morning to capture the garden in the morning light, to breath deeply (while crossing fingers) hoping that whatever hit the dogs has now passed.

I collected about a dozen garden peas first thing this morning, placed them on the kitchen table, grabbed the camera and returned to the garden to photograph.  I was uploading these photos and remembered the peas, but, when I looked at the table....no peas.  Weird, I was sure I placed them there, had a look around and the peas were not to be found.  Apparently the dogs are feeling much better, they ate them, pods and all, no sign that they ever existed.  I am taking this to be a sign that they are feeling MUCH better today.
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