Tuesday 27 March 2012

Mother Nature

I believe Mother Nature had a wicked sense of humour.  Last week I actually had a fan in my bedroom window to deal with the heat, this morning I couldn't get the woodstove lite fast enough.  What gives mom-nature?  Feeling a little bored?  Just need a chuckle?  Sheesh!

Saturday 24 March 2012

March Daffodils

 This is the earliest I can recall having my Daffs bloom here.  The tips of most of the daffodil leaves are frost bitten.  With this mild winter they have been attempting to emerge from the ground since January, then the temps would drop and the plants would draw themselves back into the earth leaving newly browned tips exposed.  I had wondered if we might not get blooms at all after repeated thaws and freezes.  The sudden warm temps this past week has caused everything to flush up and open,  like watching the Spring in fast forward mode.
I love Spring, and although the Summer weather last week were unexpected and enjoyed, I am not ready to head straight into Summer.  Today is cool and damp, much more what I would expect in March. 

Friday 23 March 2012

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Favourite places

It should come as no surprise that the beach is Hexe's favourite place

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Loving this weather

Summer temps in March, crazy, but why fight it, Hexe and I spent the morning at the beach

Spring has SPRUNG





We've been waiting for you

Monday 19 March 2012


 Peppers and tomatoes have begun to germinate this week.  Eight more weeks before we can get them in the ground.

Sunday 18 March 2012

Off Duty

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......Clover enjoys a little nap away from the pups

Wednesday 14 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday 13 March 2012

Look it walks


Click above to view the video or click this link RACING PEKES

How novel Peke's that can actually walk, run and OH MY GOD jump. I know the Dog Showing community is up in arms about some of Crufts Best of Breed winners being DQ'd from competition by a vet, but come on people, shouldn't dogs be able to run.  Even a dog bred as purely a companion/lap dog shouldn't require human intervention to get to it's food dish.

Saturday 10 March 2012

Kisses from mom

Clover decided that my sleep is over-rated, start day by getting Lori up extra early and then continue to stress her all day panting, huffing, refusing all food or water, scratching in every crate and blanket, try to fit ones enormous body into small, dark places, finally appease Lori by eating a couple of meatballs,  then vomit them up on not just one, but two area rugs....wait to deliver first pup until 9:30pm.  Continue delivering pups until 4am before falling into a deep sleep in a warm box with 9 pups cuddled up next to her.  Allow Lori to sneak off to bed for a quick nap, then move the pups around every time you sense Lori is about to nod off.  Look innocently at her as she bounds out of bed and into the room to see what the noise is all about.
More photos of the family on Clover's Blog Click Here

Friday 9 March 2012


Our first pups since last summer are due to arrive soon.

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Pussy-cat pussy-cat I love you.....

Yes-I-do......you and your pussy-cat ways
 As a child I loved to pick Pussy Willow branches each Spring proudly presenting them to my mom to display in vases on our dining room table.  After a few weeks they would turn yellow with pollen and roots would emerge in the water.  One year we planted a rooted stem in the backyard.  It grew into a lovely tree over the next 25 years.  Years later when Mick and I bought our home my mother brought me a few rooted Willow branches from that tree which we planted.  I trimmed a few after photographing today and placed them in a vase, also a gift from my mom, on my table.
My mother passed away last March, in reality she left me many years earlier, stolen from us by Alzheimer's.  Today these pussy willows took me back to happier memories.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Bunny Blogging

Fern, one of our original Does
Penny such a cute doe
 Last year this time I was making plans for the arrival of rabbits.  These were not being purchased as pets, or, to show, but for meat production.  My goal was to supplement the dogs diet with healthy raised meats, however, I certainly wasn't opposed to adding a rabbit dinner to our menu occasionally.  I am extremely pleased with my results to date.  I started with four does and two bucks, by early summer the oldest two were bred and by the first week in December we had raised a total of forty-three rabbits, wow!  Of those, 41 were processed for the freezer and two does I kept to add to my breeding stock, they are pictured here, the lovely Daphne below and her half sister Penelope above. 

Daphne tucks into some greens
 Rabbits are overlooked in North America as a protein source, which is a shame as there are so many pluses to them.  They are quiet, clean, mine have been very healthy not a sniffle amongst them.  Inexpensive to feed, I supplement their diet with an alfalfa pellet along with plenty of grass hay to munch and greens from the kitchen & garden along with oats and black oil sunflower seeds.  This morning they were excited to receive romaine lettuce, carrots and fennel trimmings from the salad we had for dinner yesterday, the fennel was relished, rabbits love the taste of anise.

Some facts about Rabbits

  •  Cholesterol level in rabbit meat is much lower than chicken, turkey, beef, pork. (Alabama A & M University 1989)
  •  Rabbit is lower in percentage of fat than chicken, turkey, beef, and pork. (U S D A circular # 549)
  • Rabbit has 795 calories per pound. Chicken 810, Veal 840, Turkey 1190, Lamb 1420, Beef 1440, Pork 2050. ( U S D A circular # 549 )
  • A doe rabbit that weighs 10 pounds can produce 320 pounds of meat in a year. This is more than a cow and it takes 2 acres of land to raise a cow.
  • Rabbits will produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water as a cow will produce 1 pound of meat on the same feed and water.
  • Baby rabbits feed off mothers milk so rich that they can double their weight in 6 short days as compared to a pig at 14 days, calves 47 days, and humans 160 days.
  • Rabbits lend themselves to both small and large scale production.
  • Rabbit meat is all white meat.

Sunday 4 March 2012

My boot warmer

Saturday 3 March 2012

Wild Wind and Waves

Normally you can easily walk to this lighthouse....not today

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