Saturday 10 March 2012

Kisses from mom

Clover decided that my sleep is over-rated, start day by getting Lori up extra early and then continue to stress her all day panting, huffing, refusing all food or water, scratching in every crate and blanket, try to fit ones enormous body into small, dark places, finally appease Lori by eating a couple of meatballs,  then vomit them up on not just one, but two area rugs....wait to deliver first pup until 9:30pm.  Continue delivering pups until 4am before falling into a deep sleep in a warm box with 9 pups cuddled up next to her.  Allow Lori to sneak off to bed for a quick nap, then move the pups around every time you sense Lori is about to nod off.  Look innocently at her as she bounds out of bed and into the room to see what the noise is all about.
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