Tuesday 22 September 2009

A Schnauzer Get Together

Sunday we had a little Standard Schnauzer meet in Cobourg. A fun and funny way to spend a couple of hours, schnauzers are never boring. A couple of years ago I started a little On-Line Network for all the folks that own a Dinsdale Schnauzer. It is a nice forum for owners to post photos, videos, blogs, ask questions, discuss different dog issues and in particular everything Standard Schnauzers. It is also an interesting way to network with other owners, this has lead to a couple of Schnauzer get togethers, this was our first one in Cobourg. I love the photo above of 11 year old Zoe. She is a daughter of my first male Standard called Hugo. Zoe wasn't bred by myself, but I did groom her for her first two years, this was the first time I have seen Zoe in about 8 years and she most definitely recognized me immediately. Above she is flashing a lovely schnauzer grin at me, great to see you again too Zoe! Are you staring at me bud! Hershey gets a cuddle The newest arrival is greeted A tall, red, handsome visitor If they won't move just jump over them! Cooling off in the river

Thursday 10 September 2009


Wednesday 2 September 2009

The boys at the beach

Beamish a.k.a. CD or, CRACKER DOG Hershey a.k.a. WMPP or, Worlds Most Perfect Puppy You could not have two pups of the same breed be anymore different then Hershey and Beamish. Here they are same day, same place, same time. First my Cracker Dog Beamish Hershey The Worlds most Perfect Puppy watching Beamish Beamish Hershey Beamish Hershey Oh crap, yep that's my boy Beamish Hershey....of course Go Beamish Go! Hershey contemplates Beamish in the water Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if Patti, Hershey's owner, would notice if I swapped him for Beamish??

Smack Down

Beamish and little cousin Hershey at the beach today. Beamish focuses on his target and then...launches his attack...Hershey never stood a chance. According to Hershey, perfection is exhausting....yawn.
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