Wednesday 2 September 2009

The boys at the beach

Beamish a.k.a. CD or, CRACKER DOG Hershey a.k.a. WMPP or, Worlds Most Perfect Puppy You could not have two pups of the same breed be anymore different then Hershey and Beamish. Here they are same day, same place, same time. First my Cracker Dog Beamish Hershey The Worlds most Perfect Puppy watching Beamish Beamish Hershey Beamish Hershey Oh crap, yep that's my boy Beamish Hershey....of course Go Beamish Go! Hershey contemplates Beamish in the water Wooooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if Patti, Hershey's owner, would notice if I swapped him for Beamish??
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