Friday 23 May 2008

Rather Regal Looking

I just love this photo of Abby, the focus in her eyes how she looks regal and powerful and...she is due to deliver pups in less then two weeks. I am blessed with a line of schnauzers that generally sail through pregnancy and delivery of their pups. This will be Abby's third litter, she was bred to our boy Humphrey (see the Mr.Stud Muffin photo from April 18th) and I am hopeful for a pretty little Abby & Humphrey daughter for myself.

Saturday 17 May 2008

Old Photos

I was sorting through old photos in search of some shots taken at a Standard Schnauzer Club of America Specialty several years ago. I never did find the photos I was looking for but did come across some rather 'vintage' pics of our early dogs. I remember this photo shoot clearly, it was a very cold autumn afternoon, the dogs were well behaved and posed perfectly for us, well almost perfectly, Hugo kept trying to crawl away as he found the whole ordeal rather boring.

From left to right we have, Hugo, Madison, Kodie and Idgie sadly they have all now passed away.

Hugo and Kodie are littermates and Madie is Hugo's daughter. Idgie was of different linage (Belgium background) and she certainly looks the odd one out in this photos.

Saturday 10 May 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Jewels!!

Today Jewels turns 12 years old. Time flies by so fast and is made very obvious when you share your life with dogs. Jewels is my oldest schnauzer and the matriarch of the dogs. She is Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and even Great GREAT Grandmother to dogs in our home. Today we celebrate how gracefully she has aged, the respect she is shown by our other dogs, how at 12 years old she still loves to flirt with the young boys. Her joy in receiving a stuffed toy as a gift and how she delights in the squeak. It is amusing to watch her relish her stuffed toys, she licks them and squeaks them and carries them around. In her younger days she would quickly disembowel them in search of the squeak, now she mothers and pampers them.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEWELS I hope you had a great day!
More Birthday photos below.

Happy Dog

Birthdays are exhausting

Eyes are bigger then her belly

I baked a special Doggie Lasagna in honor of her Birthday, here is Jewels tucking into her dinner.

Good to the last lick

We didn't let her have the entire Lasagna, however after it was divided amongst the dogs Jewels went back to clean out the pan.

She was working so fast at cleaning up the pan her face is a whirl

Cleaning out the pan

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