Thursday 28 January 2010


Tuesday 19 January 2010

Northern Schnauzer

A few years back a friend and I imported two pups from Europe to help expand the bloodlines of our breeding pool. Although both matured into beautiful schnauzers, both had reproduction problems and were not able to produce offspring. We ended up deciding to place them into new homes. We love getting updates on our pups, but there is something extra sweet when we receive updates and photos about the older dogs we have found new homes for. Below is the female Ursa that we imported from Europe with her new owner, they are posing in front of an igloo in Igloolik, Nunavut Ursa went to live with a fantastic owner in Toronto, Canada who is now working in the Canadian Arctic along with Ursa, how exciting is that! This is Maureen's second Standard Schnauzer, her first Molly also joined her in the great Canadian north a few years ago in Iquluit, Nunavut When Ursa & Maureen arrived the temperature in Igoolik was minus 39 degrees Celsius with the windchill if felt like -50C burrrrr....guess I cannot complain when today we are at a balmy -1C. I love the quality of light in the photos, but if you live in Igloolik you have to run out to catch a glimpse, sunlight only appears for one hour a day at the moment. Ursa looking Pretty in Pink, but obviously wondering what the locals will think of her?? Two sled dog pups checking out the City Girl in Pink neoprene. Boy do they have some stories to tell their siblings :-)) Apparently their momma was very protective and Maureen & Ursa will be avoiding upsetting her by walking a different area in the future. And this is Connor, Ursa's brother that I placed into a great home in Ottawa...Connor says he is very happy and very warm!

Sunday 17 January 2010

Incredible Video

Now there is no excuse for not being able to walk ONE dog in a controlled manner. A very inspiring video.

Saturday 9 January 2010

A little history

Recently I have received emails with links to historical books, photos and video. Above is a photo from a book on Dogs from 1912. It is interesting to see how some breeds remain very similar while others have drastically changed, for the better? I don't know have a look and you be the judge........Click here to view on-line book Another interesting site with photos, comments and some interesting articles scanned from an early publication, Click Here This is a website I found last year, some very interesting videos, just type in 'dogs' or 'dog shows' into the search archives tool, some interesting viewing. Click Here

Thursday 7 January 2010

Much Excitement

BUNNIES at the bird feeder!!!!!!!!!! Yep this morning the rabbits have discovered the feeders and the dogs are beside themselves with excitement. This is WAY better then squirrels. ***Note to self, time for the porch Christmas tree to come down.Hope and Cutter on their tippy toes watching the cotton tailed wonders. Every now and then a squeak or yodel is emitted by the dogs.
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