Tuesday 13 December 2011

Searching for photos of Christmas Elves

Tidus and Santa
I am starting to receive Christmas photos from owners.  You all know how I love funny, silly, cute, hilarious photos of Schnauzers.  If you have one of our Standard Schnauzers do share your Christmas photos and I will continue to add to our list of Christmas elves.
Heck, even if you have a Standard Schnauzer from another breeder send it in and we will get it up on the Blog.  Ho ho ho  don't you feel the Schnauzer Woe :-)

Pecos & Poppy sporting festive antlers

 Doc & Suede

 Lenny and his girls

Dexter's Visit with Santa

Charlie looking like a Christmas Angel
Molly under the Christmas tree
Quito poses with festive winter friends
 Quito again as the reluctant Elf
Poppy, Quito's sister and just as reluctant
The dapper Finn
East Coast Elves Jessie & Raven
Jazz and Guinness
Kodie smiles for the camera

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