Monday 22 September 2008

Almost a BIG girl now

It's been awhile since I posted a photo of Edee, she has just turned 16 weeks old and is growing quickly. So fast that I am hoping she starts to slow down, I don't want her being too big a girl. She is mostly house-trained and thankfully we are well past the need to pee every 20 minute stage of growth, whew! Any accidents that happen now are when I am busy on the computer and have forgotten she is out and about, which makes those my accidents in reality. She has been a really super pup, not very demanding, quick to pick up on training, the adult dogs adore her and she loves to wrestle and play. Her favorite playmates are sisters Flute & Daisy, though I think from the intense play her favorite has got to be Flute who never seems to tire of playing with Edee. Caught napping, got to charge those puppy batteries. Life is soon to change for Edee with the coming arrival of Fiddles pups and another little visitor coming tonight, more on that later this week....all this has me busy preparing for all the coming excitement.
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