Saturday 4 December 2010

Little boy dogs

A comment was made on the blog about there being a reason female dogs are called bitches, which I totally agree with. They are also bright, manipulative and sensitive. On the other hand, the boys are....well....ahem....not the brightest of creatures in comparison to their female siblings. Although people will argue their boy is an exception, Hickstead is not. He is sweet and affectionate but seems he can barely think and breath at the same time. The important things in his life are currently driven by his stomach and that part of his anatomy ( a little lower then his tummy) that gets him into trouble over and over again. In his favour he is very stubborn, determined and seems his memory is short, corrections from the females do little to douse his ardent flame of desire for the older girls. I am sure eventually it will be drilled into his little testosterone driven being that there is a time and a place for his affections, but I cannot help but laugh at his folly along the way.
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