Thursday 16 December 2010


Some pups you immediately connect with, there is no doubt when it happens. Others it takes some time for them to feel right, Hickstead is one of those pups. I have been wanting a Black male for the longest time, since before I imported Monty, but just haven't found him yet. On paper Hickstead is the male I need, so I kept him. But, if I am being honest I didn't know if I wanted to keep Hickstead. I have had such an exhausting year, the big litters this Fall were killer, Chase and Olive were pretty much house-trained and the thought of doing that again...well lets say it wasn't appealing. Enter Hickstead, poor boy, I have been totally indifferent to him. I suppose the stress of Jewels getting progressively weaker didn't help to endear him to me. This week I have been spending more time with 'the boy' getting to know him, surprisingly I rather like him, go figure. He is laid-back, does silly boy antics, I was surprised to find out he loves to be cuddled, he doesn't ask, but if you pick him up he snuggles in and is happy to stay until I have had enough, then off he goes to amuse himself. He settles immediately in his crate, in the morning he wakes up slowly with several yawns and a big stretch before coming out of the crate. He loves his food, loves 'his' girls and now that I am spending time with him he seems to love me too. Will Hickstead be the black male I was looking for? Not sure, but chances are definitely improving.
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