Tuesday 21 December 2010

Mersey Profile

I thought I would photograph some of the different dogs in our lives over the next few weeks. I don't update my actual website nearly as often as I should and some of the dog's photos haven't changed for some time. This is Mersey, she is the only girl I own sired by Cutter. She is a bit goofy and Mick calls her Fozzy Bear, see photo below with her showing her classic Fozzy expression. Mersey is super affectionate, loves to have her back scratched and will contort herself to accommodate rump scritches :-)) She loves balls and is a natural retriever. I love Mersey's nose, isn't it fantastic, huge and rubbery. Mersey has never had any formal obedience training, but even so over the years she has acquired the best 'sit pretty' for treats routine and is a perfect off leash companion. She is fairly mellow for a standard schnauzer, though very animated when she plays, very entertaining to watch as she will toss her toy and pounce like a cat. She drops balls down stairs, or off the sofa, pounces, returns to her perch and does the routine all over again. She has illusions of grandeur and fancies herself as one of the top dogs at Dinsdale, however she really isn't a natural leader which can annoy the more dominant girls in the house, for that reason she and Fiddle don't mix very well...OK that is an understatement, they would like nothing more then to 'mix it up' if given the chance. She is soft tempered and wants very much to please me getting flustered if she can't figure out what I want, Mersey thrives on praise and positive handling. I would love to hear more from folks that have a Mersey pup to know if theirs is anything like Mom Mersey in personality.
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