Tuesday 12 April 2011

Toy size

Mersey LOVES balls, she always has, she can amuse herself for hours playing with them. She tosses them, pounces on them, stalks them, stares at them, bats them with her paws, chews them...well you get the picture. Today we were working outside cleaning up the yard and gardens after a very long snowy Winter. Mersey spent a couple hours out with us searching for chipmunks, this involved lots of digging. She managed to scare a couple out of a wood pile, unfortunately they were too quick for her. This is the only time I miss my old farm cat, he was great at killing chipmunks. Eventually she wandered to the edge of the property and found....GOLF BALLS!!!! Oh MY Dog! Mersey heaven. I let her play for a few minutes then retrieved the balls much to her disappointment. If you check out the little video below you can see why I don't let my dogs have golf balls, perfect size to fall to the back of their throat blocking their windpipe. Not a chance I am willing to take regardless of how much Mersey loves them.
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