Wednesday 27 April 2011

The Boy Blunder

Better known as Beamish. He is one of the most difficult of my dogs to get a 'serious' photo of, the boy has a perpetual smile on his face. Combine that with a coat so wiry that any brows he manages to grow snap off just when I think they are looking good, leaving him with a few long whispy strands and not much else. I only had my phone along for our walk today, quality isn't great, regardless his comical nature still shines through. Can we go for a walk now??? A thoughtful look, haven't a clue how I managed that one. Sniffing the wind This spectacularly bad shot is to prove that Beamish can now ride in a vehicle without up-chucking his lunch, he doesn't even drool anymore. It took some time but finally he is over his motion sickness, hooray, maybe now I can take him to a dog show...well if he ever grows proper eyebrows :-))
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