Friday 15 April 2011

Super Cuteness Alert

Yep the bunnies are arriving....picked some up this week. I had hoped to get photos of them in a more natural setting, but they are all a bit freaked at the move to a new home, I will just let them settle in for the first week and try to lower their stress some. The whole experience seems to have blown their little bunny minds. The little girl above is my favorite at the moment, she is the most curious (i.e.not frozen in fear at the sight of me, rabbits are not great for your self esteem)and will have a little sniff in my direction when I am feeding them. This is the oldest at almost 4 months, a buck whose name until now was Mr.Ed, kind of cute but I may change it. Right now Mr.Ed thinks I am the biggest, most scary monster ever...good thing he hasn't seen a Schnauzer yet. Two does above are 14 weeks I think...the breed is a Harlequin and the markings of these two (plus Mr.Ed) is called Chocolate Magpie This is the other little boy, not yet 8 weeks old, his coat colour is also harlequin, but this orange variation is called Black Japanese, so pretty.
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