Monday 10 October 2011

Working Dogs

Photos from the Park Spark Project in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Dog owners scoop dog poop into biodegradable bags placing them into the 'digester' to produce and USE methane gas.  Turning these city pets into 'working dogs'  Neat idea!  Read below about the Park Spark Project.  
Hey wasn't this the context of the Movie Thunder Dome, fueling with Pig manure? :-)

Dog owners everywhere are collecting pet waste in plastic bags and then sending it to landfills. The waste contained in these plastic bags release small amounts of methane that over time is a substantial quantity. The Park Spark Project is based on substituting the common trashcan and plastic bag with a public methane digester and biodegradable bag, so that the dog waste collected is converted into a usable form of energy (methane).

This methane will burn constantly in the form of an 'eternal flame' monument until someone proposes an idea for the use of the flame. Here the Methane produced by the Digester is being burned in the form of a lamppost for light.
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