Tuesday 4 October 2011

Shaggy girl

 Amina is staying with us for a couple of weeks while owner Bev is in Europe at the FCI Agility World Championships  followed by an extended vacation in France, I am MORE then slightly envious. 

Amina is a Mersey & Monty pup from a couple years ago, she is co-owned by myself and Bev and will be bred on her next season at Dinsdale.  She is just going out of season right now, which means another 6 months before that happens, plus I need to get her in for hip x-ray and certification next week.  She is a wonderful little girl, happy and outgoing, arriving only yesterday afternoon she fit in immediately with my crew and is hanging out today as if she has always lived with us.  Amina is training mostly in agility with Bev who has owned and bred Miniature Schnauzers for years, this is her first Standard and she has done a super job raising Amina.

Oh and I have to do something with those eye brows, or, should I say eye brow (no S) she is sporting the uni-brow and looks a little like a Kerry Blue pup.

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