Thursday, 4 February 2010

Covering all the bases

We have pups, they arrived about 1.5 weeks ago. This is Fiddle's final litter, she has always been a fantastic mom, this time is no different. They are set up in one of our spare bedrooms which allows me to stumble out my bedroom door at night to check on the family should I hear any noises. The beauty of a great and experienced mom is there are seldom any problems, thank you Fiddle for allowing me to sleep every night. This photo kind of sums up Fiddle's priorities at the moment, her pups and her stuffed Canada Goose. From this vantage she can keep track of both comfortably and ever watchful from the bed, she can also glance over her shoulder when I am upstairs to see what I am up to, which hopefully is the delivery of her next meal....her third favorite thing at the moment. Be sure to visit Fiddle's Nursery for more photos of her family. Just click here
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