Sunday 28 February 2010

Waiting for Visitors

This week we have had a couple different visitors to the house for puppy socializing. Today the pups turned 5 weeks old and we invited the new owners of the pups to come to the house to meet them along with a few of our adult schnauzers. This photo was taken about 15 minutes before anyone arrived, Daisy has already staked out her spot in front of the door to wait. My guys LOVE visitors, some more then others, Daisy is always the well behaved one, Edee was also on hand, she is the big, hairy one that thinks everyone that comes to the house is here for Edee and that everyone loves to have a schnauzer leaping all over them, and of course mom Fiddle was here. A full house of strangers was a little unsettling to Fiddle at first, but once she figured out they were not here to take her pups she relaxed, visited with everyone and then lay down to observe. Pups were passed about and cuddled and then all curled up in a pile on the pillow to snooze.
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