Tuesday 9 February 2010

Sad Goodbyes

Griffey Fox I was saddened to receive recent news of the loss of two Dinsdale Schnauzers. Sunday I was told of the passing of Griffey who has been the very loved companion of Jan, Michael and son Jonathan for more then 13 years. Jonathan and Griff grew up together, he was a big part of their family. Griffey is a littermate to my old girl Jewels, who has been having a rough time herself the last few months. My thoughts are with Jan and her family as they mourn the loss of Griff from their lives. What a beautiful photo Jan sent me of Griffey, he reminds me so much of Jewels. Arby Barsky Monday came news of Arby's passing. Arby was a littermate to Charlotte, one of our Madie daughters that is dam to many of the dogs in our breeding program, Arby is a half sibling to Griffey through mom Madison. In our early days we use to offer in house boarding to some of the owners of our dogs and Arby came back to stay with us a few times. He was much like Charlotte, happy-go-lucky and you always had the feeling that the world was Arby's oyster. Arby matured into a big dog with an even BIGGER personality. I love this photo that I took when he came to stay as a puppy with us, he was all long ears and legs.
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