Tuesday 29 November 2011

Hurry Hurry get your Calendars!

Update-Looks like I am out of calendars, dropped a few into the mail today, and the rest will go as payment arrives, should have them all to those that requested one by the end of the month.  Hope everyone enjoys them.

I have 2012 Calendars! They are lovely, glossy quality photos, composed of photos that have appeared on the Blog as well as some that I have never posted. Calendar 'open' dimension from top to bottom is 17" and 11" wide.  In the photo above August is shown open so you can visualize the finished product.
Photos include Pups, Golden Oldies both Black Schnauzers and Pepper & Salt Schnauzers, ears natural and cropped.  No Show photos, just beautiful shots of Standard Schnauzers doing what Schnauzers do best, being our pets.

I have a couple that I have pre-printed, I could pop them in the mail immediately if you would like one by Christmas.  I can also order more if I get enough requests and have in the mail in the New Year, so long as I receive your request within the next two weeks.

*CORRECTION* error on original invoicing, sorry.  Price is $20 including postage & envelope for Canadian orders, $21.50 to send to USA.

Calendars are $25 (see above for price correction) that includes postage & envelope in Canada, haven't worked out a cost to the USA but could get a price if anyone south of the border is interested.

I am not looking to go into the publishing business, just thought a few folks that visit the blog, or have Dinsdale dogs themselves might enjoy a purely 'Standard' Schnauzer Calendar for their walls.  If there is no response then I will not order anymore for printing.  So let me know soon! :-))

Email me at dinsdale@eagle.ca for details....Oh and for fun, the first 2 people to contact me will get a free Calendar :-)  Only Canadian or USA eligible for the free calendar fun offer.

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