Friday 25 November 2011

Sweet, sweet and sweet

 Yep, she's back on the blog, the sweetest schnauzer ever, Hazel.  Dogs present us with so many different personalities and Hazel has been, since puppyhood, the most sweet natured schnauzer I have owned.  She isn't confrontational, not particularly cheeky, she isn't dominant (which doesn't necessarily make her a wuss) she is respectful (probably a bit too much so with some of the older girls) funny and playful, wonderful when we have young pups in the house, she has always been super trustworthy with pups and small dogs.  The only time I see her *bitchy* side is when she is in season, the noises she can produce when a boy even looks at her, well lets just say it seems to cool their advances pretty damn fast.
Here are some photos taken today of the worlds sweetest schnauzer.

OK Olive you are Super Yummy Sweet too
  Hmmm....Daisy??  OK, ok, today you are number three on the Sweetness Scale

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