Monday 28 February 2011

Fighting wet beard

Anyone that owns a Schnauzer knows the trouble with that beard and the drinking bowl, yuk! Nature of the beast is that every drink of water means dunking that glorious beard into the water bowl. My current dogs are pretty good about not drenching the area the bowl is in. However, some dogs are just plain messy....cue Trinny. Oh my goodness that girl is a walking water bowl sponge. I noticed it last year when she was staying with us to raise her pups, well Trinny is back visiting us and it didn't take long for the bowl area to turn into a puddle. I dropped in at the local Farm Supply store today and while their I spotted this water dish on the shelf, we are giving it a try. This is the website link for Contech the company that distributes the water bowl The light coloured insert floats on the top of the water with a small recess to pool the water, as the dog drinks, water replenishes itself in the recess which is about 1/8"deep. The concept should work, however Olive may be the fly in the ointment of what is potentially a great idea. She is obsessed with the opening in the middle and has been drinking an unnatural amount of water while trying to figure the hole out. I wonder how long before she gets her paws in there to flip the insert out.
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