Tuesday 11 May 2010

Happy 14th Jewels!

Jewels turned 14 yesterday. Hard to believe that more then a decade has flown by since the arrival of her and her 7 siblings. I still remember each pup from that litter. Most have now passed away and I am thankful to have my girl Jewels with me. She was such a chubby little pup, from the beginning Jewels was independent and strong minded, little has changed in 14 years. Jewels had a little bad spell in her health last Autumn, but she has really picked up this year and is going strong. Jewels adores our new naughty pup Clover and happily plays with her, barking and rolling around on the floor with her great granddaughter. Jewels has never had time for timid pups that lack self esteem, Clover is full of herself and this obviously delights her great grandma. Happy Birthday Jewels, here's to number fifteen!
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