Tuesday 3 June 2014

Update at Dinsdale

Anyone that checks in on my blog has noticed that it has been a rough year around here.  I topped it all off by throwing my back out last month.... badly.  It had been aching a bit for a couple of weeks and I was trying not to aggravate it, than, I opened the cupboard under the sink to pull out the garbage bin and BOOM out went my back, just like that.  For a week I could barely move, I could also barely sit or lay down, was an interesting time.  It loosened up a bit after about 10 days, feeling a little better I took Currie to his weekly training class and managed to injury it again, sigh.

Mick has been working double time, doing his normal job, trying to finish up early to get home and do all the things that I have not been able to do.  It has certainly messed up all my plans to get the garden planted and for us to start some home renovations.  I actually decided to skip a Spring/Summer litter of pups so that I would have time for all the things that need to be done here.  What is it they say about the best laid plans???  We are getting things done, slowly, but, we are having to make do and cut lots of corners, the yard and garden work suffered the most, but at least the many critters are being looked after, we (read Mick) was able to get most of our seedlings planted, we even cut the grass...once :-)

With all of this happening, Hazel came into season and I finally made the decision to skip breeding her.  I hope to be feeling a lot better in a couple of months, but, I am paranoid that hulling a litter of pups around will have my back injured again.  I have cancelled the breeding and will hold off on pups until early Spring 2015. Seems a long time away, but, it will be here soon enough and with fingers crossed, my back will be healed, I will be refreshed and we can raise pups with energy.

I am sorry to anyone that is waiting for a pup from us this Fall, I will post news on my website, if anyone wishes to remain on my waiting list for a Spring 2015 litter be sure to touch base and I will keep your name on our list and update you as I have news.  You can email me at dinsdale@eagle.ca
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