Thursday 26 June 2014

It must be dinner time

I am sure I have mentioned that Standard Schnauzers are evil little stalkers, they watch everything you do, they do attempt to do it without you noticing, but they are not fooling me.  They are also very precise about their schedules, for instance, as soon as I click the TV off with the remote each night the dogs run either to their crates, or up the stairs to the bedroom.  Here Daisy and Clover have migrated towards the kitchen, because, it is pretty much dinner time, and if I don't respond shortly, they will start to pace.
Please note they are doing the stare/stalk while I finish up on the computer.
 Gathering by the kitchen entrance, attempting to be patient
Yes, I am just about finished guys.  As soon as I pick up bowls they scatter to their crates, this happens so fast I wasn't able to get it on the camera, as a matter of fact, in this shot, Olive has disappeared to her crate.
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