Tuesday 11 March 2014

Our little man Currie

Currie, missing his sister
We are down to just one puppy.  Our little girl Vimy has gone to live with new co-owners, we are very excited to send her off on a life adventure.  Along with Vimy they own a Beamish & Trinny daughter called Poppy.  So far things are going well, but seriously, how could someone not fall in love with Vimy?  If all goes as hoped Vimy will return to us in the future for motherhood.

Beautiful Vimy

That leaves little man Currie with me, love him, he is the sweetest little boy and reminds me of his Great Grandpa Cutter at this age.  He is an easy pup to have around, if anything I wish he was just a little more naughty and headstrong, Currie is a lover, a very soft, sweet boy, much like Cutter was. 

Today he tagged along with me while I ran errands, we walked through the park in town and down to the lakefront, the morning wore him out.  Tonight we have puppy classes, so rest up little man.
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