Friday, 22 November 2013

Boys--The Lovebugs

Many ask us about the personality difference between the gender.  Although there are always those that don't subscribe to generalization, in my experience, I find the boys to be lovebugs.  With their owners they are usually very demonstrative with their affections.  Sometimes this gets them into trouble, when owners allow them to stand up into their laps for attention, this can slide over to the guarding instinct.  But, if you are the leader of your dog, and do not have issues with dominance or guarding, then a hug from the boys is one of life's pleasures.
This is Cutter, my old fellow, sweet as they come, even after many years as the reigning stud dog at Dinsdale he has never shown me any dominant behaviour, always up for play or a cuddle.  He has been intact and used at stud his entire life, never has he attempted to lift his leg in the house, never has he challenged me, wonderful, wonderful boy.
Male dogs, wonderful, give them clear and concise rules, they are boys after all, simple souls :-) especially for the first 2-3 years and you will end up with your own lovebug.
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