Monday 17 September 2012

Egg Update

Our first egg arrived last week and for a few days they appeared every-other day.  Then, yesterdays egg was followed by one this morning!  I wasn't sure who was laying, until today.  Yesterday Mick modified the Chicken Coop adding two beautiful nesting boxes, this morning when I opened the door to let the ladies out all but one came racing outside...then I heard a flutter....out strutted our big Buff Orpington Rita (the one I was worried maybe a Rooster) I lifted the nesting box lid and inside was a lovely, tiny, WARM egg, yeah Rita!
The colour is dramatically different from yesterdays egg, I am hoping we have two girls laying.
Are they not beautiful?  The one on the left was laid this morning by Rita, the dark one is from yesterday.

Below is a photo of the two eggs laid by my ladies and beside them one out of a dozen I purchased from the farm stand down the road...I can't even imagine the girls producing something that size! Maybe next year
And finally....the end result
Eggs, perfectly poached (and eaten to quickly to photograph) served on homemade brown toast, doesn't get much better then that, yum!
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