Sunday 13 May 2012

The Nanny

Daisy enjoying a Spring afternoon
Daisy, or Auntie Daisy as I am sure the pups would affectionately call her, is always a favourite nanny to our pups.  She is playful, indulgent, energetic, tolerant and has more patience then I will ever have with a litter of pups.  She adores them, when we first bring a young litter downstairs to socialize she just about bursts with happiness.  Yesterday the final two pups from Clover's litter left for their new homes, the boy in the morning, the little girl spent a couple more hours with us waiting for her new family to arrive.  During that time Daisy and I did our best to wear the little monkey out before she left for the car ride to her new home.
Charlie looking for trouble
It all starts with a kiss...

...and a cuddle

Then quickly things start to heat up

Body Slam!!!!

Gotcha ear Auntie

Say UNCLE, Auntie

Bet ya didn't see this one coming!

Loving my Aunt Daisy

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