Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Our (belated)Birthday Girl

Olive is a year old...yesterday, I am always a little behind. She is affectionate and fun, our youngest puppy Poppy LOVES her best, well her and Hazel, both of whom enjoy endless puppy play. She can be bubbly and enthusiastic, but definitely has a very soft and sensitive side. I see lots of her mother in her physically, however temperamentally she is very different from Fiddle, more like her happy father. Big Happy Birthday wishes to all her litter-mates. Below are a photos recently recieved from the owners of some of Olives littermates. If anyone else has a recent photo of their Fiddle & Beamish Birthday pup send along and I will post here. This is Clover And the wicked smiling Bea Ailis looking beautiful in her newly stripped coat And this would be Chaos The Handsome Ryder
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