Saturday 11 June 2011

Old times

I had a computer crash last week, a 'Trojan Virus' that took down my access to the Internet. Lucky for me Mick is great with computers and able to reconfigure and get it going again. It did mean loading up all my software programs again and while looking for the discs I came upon a couple containing old photos. I love both of these, the top one is Shady and Hope as sweet young things. Shady no longer lives with me and Hope, although still sweet, is far from young. The window sitting schnauzer below is Bailey, a daughter of Jewels and a major influence on my breeding program. Bailey is the mom of Rosie (who is Finn's mom) the dashing Cutter and sister Hope, and of course our wonderful Fiddle. Bailey went to live with friends just before her final litter, coming back to us to produce Fiddle. She is now a senior lady residing in Alberta. It is always fun to find these old reminders that mark the different eras of our lives with our schnauzers.
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