Monday 29 March 2010

Why so long between blog posts?

Our two newest Dinsdale residents are taking up a lot of time. What's wrong with the above photo? Sure it looks sweet and maternal, however, those pups were weaned three weeks ago from Fiddle! We have a slight set back, Fiddle seems to think her two monsters need additional mothering, go figure. Fiddle has always been a good mom, in the past she has drawn a bold line on how far her mothering duties were to extend. She doesn't have any milk left, but this little morning bonding ritual is something that she and the pups seem to crave. After that they are off playing with the other dogs and generally causing mayhem to all around them. My sweet Clover has turned into a little devil dog, I find myself changing her name to Clove, or, Cloven One. Quiz is still a bit of a mommas boy, however his confident bratty side is emerging a bit more daily. Quiz seems to have a big boy crush on terrier Token, she loves to play with schnauzers that are her size, however she is finding his amorous advances a bit annoying. I think Quiz is about to be dealt a terrier reprimand especially if he tries tugging on her tail again, sigh a broken heart for Quiz. Video of our Ultimate Mom below. Obviously Jewels (sporting a sweater) does not approve of her granddaughter Fiddle's extended nursing regime.
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