Tuesday 13 October 2009

There is a new chill in the air

Summer has made an exit and we are well into Autumn, one of my favorite seasons. I am cheating a bit, these photos were taken October 2008, however I have an excuse. I have spent the last two months raising not one, but, two litters of pups, yep 14 Standard Schnauzers! Trust me it is not for the faint of heart. Last weekend the older litter left for their new homes and this coming weekend litter number two will be on their way to start their new lives. I am exhausted and will be going totally WP (without pups) for the winter...boy am I looking forward to that. Just north of me there is a corn field, around 5pm flocks and flocks of Canadian Geese fly in for the night, I caught some of them coming in before the sun went down.
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