Tuesday 20 October 2009

New Digs for Juno

A smiling Juno poses for the camera Sunday as we had a fun afternoon playing Frisbee and Agility before she left for her new home. As a breeder I have made the difficult decision to place some of my older dogs over the years, my decision to place Juno was made a few weeks ago. I had at first thought to spay her and keep her as my Agility buddy, but then reality paid a visit and I had to accept the fact that there just wasn't enough of 'Lori' available for my other dogs if I were to spend so much time with Juno. Juno left me Sunday afternoon, a little confused, but in the long run I know this is the perfect home for her, and the right decision for everyone. First updates from her new family have been very positive. We will give her 6 weeks to settle in and if all goes as well as hoped, she will have a great life and WAY more attention then I could give her, she deserves it.
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