Tuesday 26 February 2008

Visions of green grass

No we didn't move house, I just decided to post a photo that didn't contain snow in it. This photo was taken in the month of June, a happy, tired dog enjoying summer. It has been a long LONG time since I have seen a schnauzers tongue hung this far out of his mouth.
Not to be totally negative, here is a list of my top reasons to LIKE snow
  • You don't have to mow it
  • Frozen dog poop is easier to scoop
  • A fresh snowfall covers yellow snow
  • Roads are too bad to drive on so I don't have to justify not getting out of my PJ's
  • A chance to stay in and get caught up on all my email
Ok it is a pretty skimpy list, but we have just broken records for snowfall this past month, the pluses are starting to wear a little thin.
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