Monday 4 February 2008

Ears up!

I am in the process of adding individual web pages of my younger dogs to my Dinsdale website. I started a page for Trinny and quickly realized I have very few photos of her, those I have are either puppy photos or very poor photos. Trinny is such a big sweetheart of a dog I found it strange I haven't photographed her often. However, on closer examination of the shots I do have, I realized that Trinny likes to fold her ears back against her head whenever she is excited or receiving individual attention. Her mom Casino was the same, makes it very difficult in the show ring as the judges want to see the dogs with ears up and alert. With Casino the more the judges would talk to her the more she would clamp those ears to her head and wiggle her bum....not the look they were hoping to achieve.
This morning the sun finally made an appearance, I took Trinny out for a photo shoot and voila! Finally some nice Trinny photos, ears up and alert.
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