Saturday 3 May 2014


Dinsdale Mersey Beat April 13th 2003-May 2nd 2014

Seems that lately my blog has become one endless cyberspace of doom and gloom.  Yesterday I said goodbye to Mersey.  I knew she wasn't 100% for the last couple of months, most owners have a sense when their dogs are not....quite right and I knew that with Mersey.  Not that she was unhappy, she was eating, playful, energetic, but, she was ageing so much faster than what I expect from my dogs.  We tried a couple of different things and she seemed to be doing much better through the early Spring, than a couple weeks ago she began having some issues.  The dots all started to connect and I made an appointment with the Vet to seek out their opinion.  An examination and an x-ray confirmed what I was afraid of and I had to make the terrible decision to put her down.  The alternative may have garnered a few weeks, but, those weeks would of been uncomfortable and I decided to let her go while she was still happy.... and happy she was, right until I walked up the steps to the clinic and she started to panic, God I hate this last journey.  
Most of us that share our lives with pets will one day be stood where I was, either at home, or, in a clinic with a Vet, petting the head of our dog as they take their last breath, they relax and their heads drop, it is awful, heartbreaking and a bit of a relief.  As Mersey drifted away she did a final little tail wag, I am sure it was involuntary, yet, it was so Mersey, that silly little waggle she would do when she was very happy and content.  I like to think that was what she felt as she left me.  Rest well big girl, you were a good dog
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