Wednesday 9 April 2014

It's coming

We had a very long, cold, snow laden winter, the last week the snow is quickly receding, mud has come and will soon dry up.  I have felt like a caged animal the last five months, yes FIVE months of being snowed under.  Right now life here is a little in limbo, the ground remains too unstable to get out onto and work, saturated with water, everywhere you walk you find mud.  But, I know, any day now the water table is going to drop, the paths will dry, the soil in the raised beds will be ready to work in.  When that happens look out it is going to get pretty wild, I cannot wait!
I have my seedlings growing under lights, I have boxes full of seed envelopes to direct plant.  I have ducks and geese on order, fingers crossed the hatching goes well and I get to add these fun birds to my flock.
So, for the next few days we wait...and the dogs snooze, and soon we will be outside.
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